Saturday, March 14, 2009

Java Search

I think I'm finally getting the hang of Object Oriented programming. I have been working on the user interface to provide all administration from it and add quite a bit of usability.

Over the past few days, I added search to the playback window. Because the playback window has two frames (Text classes in Java), this is a bit trickier than your standard text search. To begin with, I am allowing the search to be limited to one or the other frame, as well as using both. This means that the search class has to be aware of each frame.

To be able to highlight the text, the Text class actually needs to be defined as StyledText. When the text is found, the replaceStyleRanges method is called to highlight it. For now, I am leaving it highlighted, thinking that it is more helpful to be able to see all of the found selections. The current found text is displayed in reverse video by using the setSelection method. This one has to be reset by setting the selection range to zero before setting the new selection.

I thought about being able to use a single find window to search multiple playback windows, but this made my head hurt. However, it did seem friendly to share the search strings between playback windows. So I created a string array in the global variables class, and store the strings there. I even save them to the preference store so that they are maintained over application restarts.

If you are interested in this code, check out the WindowPlayback*.java source modules in the subversion repository. The preference store is defined and initialized in the and modules.

The beauty of the OOP style is that almost all of my code is spent managing indexes. The heavy lifting is done by other classes and their methods. So I am hopeful that these GUI enhancements will be finished pretty soon, and I will build another set of download packages by the end of the month.

Later . . . Jim

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