Monday, February 23, 2009

Whatcha Doin'?

As soon as I put the latest download on SourceForge, I started working on the user interface. I am hoping to bring it up to a version 1.0 level of usability. At the rate I am going, I expect to have a download ready in about a month.

So that's what's coming. But what I barely mentioned, was a new feature in the last package that I added a week or so before it was built. The reason was, I wanted to see how well it worked in the pilot project before explaining it. But now I have done that, and I am pretty happy with it.

The feature is a comparison of the client and server session size. When a TCP session ends, the client data is multiplied by a factor, and if that is larger than the server data, it is reported. The multipliers are specified by port, so each protocol can be handled uniquely.

In the pilot, I have set port 80 to have a multiplier of 1, just as a proof of concept. There have not been too many reports on it, and those can be grouped in two categories:
  • Document uploads: This was what I was hoping to see. And I believe that it means if there is an exploit that loads a rootkit, that would be reported, as well.

  • Large cookies: I never realized how much is saved in some cookies. I have seen several (Facebook, I'm looking at you!) that are over 4Kbytes.

  • Miscellaneous: The rest of the reports are usually client requests for many files, but some of them don't get sent for some reason.
Again, this is mostly a proof of concept feature and I hope to expand on it down the road. But it gives me the sense that the Realeyes IDS is capable of detecting behavior. I think that's pretty cool.

Later . . . Jim

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