Monday, May 25, 2009

Realeyes IDS 0.9.5 Released

There is a new download available for the Realeyes IDS version 0.9.5. Read the release notes for details, but essentially, this release is about new user interface features. The screenshots have been updated and there are two new demos, one on installation and configuration, and the other on the new features. There are links to all of this on the technology page

The college where I have been running a pilot project was able to provide an upgraded host system. This led to the discovery of a couple of issues with the IDS sensor software that I had not seen before. One was the signal handler for user interrupts, and the other was in releasing locks if shutting down. Both of these are fixed, although I might make some further improvements before the next release.

The big news is that the college security software faculty heard about the pilot project and is going to use Realeyes in the curriculum. This means that I am now running the system in a lab environment. And all of this means it gets tested more thoroughly. I did find a couple configurations that would not run successfully, so hopefully, the installation process is more solid.

I am hoping that this will help build the community around the project. I have had some interest expressed in working on code, as well as testing it in other environments. So it is moving in the right direction, and with a little luck and some elbow grease, the next release will be 1.0.

Later . . . Jim

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C.S.Lee said...

hi there,

Richard(taosecurity) has told me about this project, I think I should give this a shot as it looks promising.

More later and do you consider making this available on FreeBSD, else I'm fine with Linux ;]

I will write the review about realeyes once I got my hands dirty on it.